Cancer male cancer female compatibility dating Aunty daing

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Become more aware of your own body language so you are communicating in the language he understands best.

Degree of Marriage: Perfect for marriage and gathering of the clans every Sunday afternoon for a BBQ. A huge big deal is made about meeting each other’s families.

This is what chiefly works in favor of Cancer-Cancer love compatibility.

A Cancerian is best placed to understand what is expected of him/her in a relationship.

You have a mountain of things in common, for example you both prefer intimacy and privacy over going out or socializing too much.

You're both intuitive to the point you can almost communicate without words.

They have a strong infantlike visceral connection based on taste and smell.Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac calendar and also the first water sign.Love compatibility between partners of this zodiac is usually good but will need some amount of effort from both to make it work in the long run.The Master Of Compassion Symbol: The Crab Key Phrase: I feel Duality: Feminine Element: Water Quality: Cardinal Flowers: Larkspur and Acanthus Trees: All trees rich in sap Part of the body ruled by Cancer: Breasts and Stomach (Subject to digestive problems caused by emotional stress and tension) Ruling Planet: Moon (This luminary has to do with the emotions, reactions, instincts and the subconscious) Day: Monday Theme: Birth Tarot Card: The Chariot Positive Qualities: Nurturing, healers, supportive, compassionate, unconditionally loving.Best Quality: Loyalty Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Dependent, manipulated by guilt and holds on to guilt themselves, indirect, full of complaints, passive-aggressive, The Cancer zodiac sign is sensitive, moody, loving, motherly and loyal.

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The most significant characteristic of the Cancerian is perhaps their deeply emotional nature.

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