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Dating someone another country online

After a whirlwind week where you manage to cram in a months’ worth of getting to know you, he leaves, back to his life and you to yours.The inevitable ennui sets in, but before you chalk this up to another fling with no staying power, do yourself a favor: Consider the adult long-distance relationship.

We were technologically inseparable for two months before I flew out to spend a week exclusively in his company.

I threw myself into his arms at the airport, and he distractedly patted me on the head and set me aside, barking at me to get in the car, worried about the parking and traffic. I traveled a couple thousand miles to see him, and he acted like I had just come across town to catch up and chat. But in real life, he was: In the week I was visiting, he broke up with me twice.

Then he came to join me at an industry event, said he was going to move the car, and never came back.

From her own experiences, our contributor breaks it down for all of those starry-eyed youngsters hoping to fall in love while abroad.

It seems like a dream…you move to a mysterious new land, meet a handsome stranger and fall hopelessly, passionately in love.

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