Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

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Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

1948 catalog lists Bop Flange Hats and Be-Bop cymbals 18" to 26" (, p150) 1949 Trans Stamp II ? 1967 1968 New Beat Hats sold as pair; Canadian facility opens making Zilco by AZCO 1969 1970 1970s stamp See Also: how to tell 50s from 70s 1971 Brilliant finish available on request (ad June 1971) 1972 Avedis series with Made in Canada or no country of origin 1973 A Zildjian & Cie Constantinople; move to Norwell, Mass.1974 1975 1976 Glossary of cymbal types 1977 Quick Beat hats?1991 Pre Aged Dry Light Ride (Pinksterboer p147) A Custom series?1992 Avedis ink added (Pinksterboer p147) 1993 370th Anniversary Series 1994 Laser Serial Number beginning with letters "ID" meaning "94" at 12 o'clock 1995 IE 1996 IF Cursive A at top next to model ink?

Gretsch owned the constantinople trademark but did not use it from 1928 and A. A US Court cancelled the Gretsch rights to the Trademark – read the Report Constantinople trademark – Zildjian Vs Gretsch This entry was posted by admin on January 27, 2011 at am, and is filed under Zildjian Stamps. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

Obviously some of the dating is related to whether the ink logo is still present (hollow or solid for example with CO).

We are constantly on the search for quality vintage cymbals to bring to our customers.

(visible on cover of 1980 Cymbal Set Ups of Famous Drummers); Hollow Zildjian ink logo underneath 78-80 1978 1979 Earth Ride 1980 CO Stamps ? 1981 American K series (EAK) (Pinksterboer p147); AMIR?

1982 solid Zildjian ink top and bottom; Scimitar series 1983 Tony Williams Hand Hammering Ads (ad 9/83) 1984 1985 1986 Z series 1987 K Custom series (Pinksterboer p202); end of A Zil & Cie Contantinople (ref: Jeansonne) 1988 1989 K Custom Dry (Pinksterboer p148) 1990 A Custom series?

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I have a number of 70s and 80s Zildjian cymbals including 3 hollow logo ones and thought that I had a decent idea of the stamps and logos and a rough idea of the time frames they were made.

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