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You wonder which of these drugs is the most effective and safe and which has the least side effects.

Medline (1948 to March week 5 2011) and Embase (1947 to 8 April 2011) were searched via Ovid on 11 April 2011 ((chloral adj2 hydrate) AND midazolam) AND ((imaging or neuroimaging) OR ultrasound OR ultrasonog* OR scan* OR (computed ajd2 tomography) OR CT OR (magnetic adj2 resonance adj2 imaging) OR MRI OR echocardio* OR (painless adj2 procedure)).

Sedatives are frequently used by non veterinary pig people.

POM = Prescription Only Medicine for veterinary use only.

The sedation may make your child fall asleep or just feel sleepy.Anaesthesia is carried out by intravenous injection, inhalation, spinal anaesthesia or local infiltration of tissues.The first three are only used by a veterinarian but local anaesthesia is frequently necessary to suture small skin wounds or replace rectal prolapses.ACP (10mg/ml injection POM) - This medicine is used in animals to prevent travel sickness and occasionally in pigs as a general sedative at a dose level of 0.1mg/kg liveweight.It is also useful for treating abdominal pain in cases of colic or to provide sedation together with local anaesthesia.

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An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan uses a magnetic field rather than x-rays to take pictures of your child’s body.