Nintex error updating a list item dating of pregnancy

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Nintex error updating a list item

In Global Settings for Nintex Workflow in Central Administration, there is a setting called Task form properties view – the default value is Workflow Task View.If a view of this name is found on the list or library the workflow is running on, then only the fields specified in this view will be displayed in the item properties panel.I came across a scenario recently where a project required that a list of items could have a button or link on a list view, which would cause a workflow to start.

To work around the threshold issue when processing large datasets, either of the following two approaches for changing the information architecture would be valid: 1)Make more lists to hold all the data.In a recent project for a client, we were unable to write any server-side code for advanced data processing, providing us with a perfect opportunity to use Nintex - this time - in the form of an ETL bulk data processing solution.The Solution: Deciding on an Information Architecture for Large Datasets To be fair, neither Nintex nor Share Point 2013 were built to process bulk amounts of list data routinely.The journey has been interesting, to say the least.Nintex behaves in very unexpected ways, and with our workflows being fairly complex, we’ve had to cross a lot of hurdles and come up with workarounds, hacks and a fair amount of research to solve these problems.

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: The ID of the item that the workflow associated to the task is running on.