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Updating dataadapter

The following procedure describes how to download a data adapter locally.

When you use Sql Data Adapter for performing updates, the Sql Data Adapter propagates the updates one by one.

The SSW rules are a great resource for developers all around the world.

However it’s hard to keep rules current and correct.

Fortunately Sql Data Adapter allows you to execute updates in batches. number of rows to be treated as a single batch via Update Batch Size property.

There are also two events associated with this that you can use � Row Updating and Row Updated. in the absence of batch update, both of these events are raised for each and every row being updated.

For example, there could be an adapter that moves data between a Microsoft Exchange server and a dataset.That means if there are 100 rows to be updated the Sql Data Adapter will execute 100 separate operations against the database.As you might have guessed this is not efficient while dealing with large number of rows.These event handlers simply increment two integer variables. NET, a Data Adapter functions as a bridge between a data source, and a disconnected data class, such as a Data Set.

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The procedures in this section describe how to do the following: You can import data adapters from your local network or from the Marketplace.

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