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Updating synonym

Been meaning to open-source it, but it would take some cleanup first to remove code that only applies to my company (database handling).

Not too hard to do, just need to modify Synonym Token Filter Factory and make a plugin around it.

One of the most important components of an E-commerce platform is having a good search engine.

Luminis Amsterdam is helping implement Elasticsearch for search capabilities.

Another option would be to provide API call that could be made to refresh cache on demand.

For most ecommerce sites, synonyms provide great value, and therefore are used quite frequently, and it is critical that these changes be implemented without any search outage.

A synonym is named, and points to a specific object.When you are working with synonyms in the contexts previously stated, the base object is affected.For example, if a synonym references a base object that is a table and you insert a row into the synonym, you are actually inserting a row into the referenced table.Moreover, many other “tunable” components in Solr are moving away from manual editing towards being programmatically manageable.For instance, you can use the RESTful schema API to add fields to a managed schema.

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